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'articulate', as a word, to me at least sounds like its about movement, precision, & the building of both structure & facade, so when you wrote "When you speak your thoughts, you’re better able to complete them" another thought jumped out to me. Along the lines of "live your life out loud". maybe from a poster with a kitten, perhaps yawning to look as if singing out some wild song. which would be nice. anyhow...to know your self, you have to articulate your life - in the sense of moving and building -> of articulating, but in actions & experience, not only in thoughts and reflection and dialogue...You have to 'live out loud'. I learn about myself by observing how I respond to a car crash, or when my child is born, or to a day of total boredom (and my self develops through these experiences). So in that sense, of being built through experience, the self is limitless, even as our ability to know ourself, and our mortality and biology trails behind that potential of infinity. anyhow, forza.

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Thanks. Very nourishing. Any thoughts on Rubber Ducking v Journaling? Perhaps speaking is less guarded. Also what proof is there that each has a true self? Is it a self delusion? Is the pay-off worth the investment?

Thanks. I enjoy your work.

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My parents used to tell me not to talk to myself that only crazy people talked to themselves. I'm glad I never stopped, now I'm crazy AND highly intelligent. Hurray me!

Learning about a self that could lead to my own mental collapse in hopes that it would lead me to a more honest personal ideation is so fun and cheerful, soon all the morning breakfast show hosts will discuss this easy and palatable practice. No?

Well at least Salomé will discuss this on her Instagram live. I'm excited for that episode. Who knows what I'll find in there?

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Really enjoyed this! I basically share your perspective that the self is multilayered, elusive and contradictory but there's a *something* there - never quite been able to commit to the Buddhist view of "no-self".

Have you heard of the Hindu doctrine of "atman"? I got introduced to it through Hermann Hesse's books and it fascinates me - the idea of each of us having a true Self that we have to spend our lives digging through the weeds of ego to get down to, something that partakes in the divine in some way. Reminds me of a couple of ideas in the Bible: the "image of God", 'I am the vine, you are the branches'.

I'm sorry to link to my own stuff but I've been investigating some of the same areas as you lately, so in the spirit of weird & güd people sticking together I thought I'd leave these here in case you were interested:



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thanks for shedding some Positive light and wisdom on self talk. learned a couple of things and my self feels less insane today 😊🙏🏽

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