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To paraphrase Heraclitus: "You can't step in the same self twice."

Everything is flux, every moment, every life, every person, everything.

Defining your "self", nailing yourself to some "Identity" is like wanting to wear the same clothes or eat the same food every day forever. So dull!

Thanks for the great piece.

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Hi Salomé

Thank you for sharing your views with the world. No matter how eccentric they seem, the veracity they hold cannot be watered down.

However, I've been having troubles subscribing to the monthly plan due to the fact I don't have a dollar card (even virtuals tend to be difficult) and I want to believe there will be many more like myself living in African countries having the same difficulty.

It'll be of much help if you can come up with an alternative means of payment that solves the problem.

Thank you.

Stay Weird. 🤝

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Salomé, I think you could help a young acquaintance of mine: https://thesecretlifeofpaula.substack.com/p/i-dont-want-to-wear-the-uniform-under

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