I write things. You read things. Let’s figure out if we’re meant for each other.

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  • You don’t like making things, learning about how people make things, or seeing things people made.

  • You are perfect and have no use for my experiments in being less shitty.

  • You don’t like words (there will be a lot).

  • You want clear answers and certainty (me too, but they aren’t here).

  • You have a great talent for finding Bad, Bad Offensive Things everywhere.

Why Subscribe?

  • You enjoy complexity, nuance, and the messy middle path through it all.

  • You want to ask more questions and have more questions asked of you.

  • You look for new ways to approach old things.

  • You want to feel and live like a human—seeking beauty, feeling the inevitable fear, and openly expressing the tangled contents of your mind.

What the Hell is Spiritual Soap?

I was in a new age shop that sold soap for an offensively high price based on its special properties. Unlike average plebian soap, spiritual soap would provide an escape from all those icky human experience bits of life, like the anxiety of uncertainty or the pain of feeling disconnected from others. Who said hippies can’t be business sharks?

This newsletter is my version of spiritual soap; something seemingly mundane that can wash away the invisible grim of the soul if you just believe. I want to believe. More than ever, something unseen gnaws at (what I guess is?) my soul, pulling me towards any place that promises more depth and life.

Though I once was a cynical atheist, I can now find god in the same sunlight ancient humans did. Though I once hid behind misanthropy to blunt the pain of existential aloneness, I now see the inherent connection to other humans all around me and seek to relate to other lives infinitely more.

This newsletter is the collected sweet sufferings of another lost human finding the old ways we’ve lost and the new ways we’ve yet to invent.

What Does Subscribing to Spiritual Soap Offer?

There are two main creations coming from Spiritual Soap:
  • Weird & Güd: a bi-weekly series that highlights unexpected, deceptively ubiquitous, or forgotten facts that connect with our modern-day lives in a way that offers insight.

  • Experimental Essays: a weekly series of short, brutally personal essays aimed at finding new and better forms of living in our broken culture. These essays may include my videos, photos, and audio recordings.

Here’s the difference between a paid and free subscription to Spiritual Soap:
  • Free Subscription: Bi-weekly Weird & Güd series + occasional free experimental series (may include video & audio content) + a satisfying preview of paid content.

  • Paid Subscription: Bi-weekly Weird & Güd series + every subscriber-only experimental series (may include video & audio content) + my attention and appreciation for your support.

Whatever you choose, I’m glad you’re here.

The Details

  • My website is the HQ where all Spiritually Soapy things live and where you can find my visual art, non-newsletter writings and generally who the hell I am.

  • You can also throw your thoughts about Spiritual Soap at me on Twitter or Instagram (@SalomeSibonex), but please know the best way to contact me is always telepathically.

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SOAP /sōp/ n. 1: substance designed to cleanse one of all external impurities in hopes of obscuring one's internal impurities.


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